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Let’s face it, not everyone who speaks can speak about success in Facebook paid strategy. It’s an ever expanding platform with many pitfalls.

Your attendees deserve the best information from someone who has “been in the trenches” and has experience and success using Facebook paid traffic, specifically converting cold traffic to warm traffic that is ready to buy.

No theory here – just hard-hitting actionable points about what they can do right now in order to ramp up their Facebook success.

Richard Cruz is an in-demand keynote speaker who motivates your audience to succeed at social media. His presentations are lively, powerful and will leave your guests with a deep understanding of successful Facebook paid strategy is, where you can get the best results and how to succeed at it!

His presence, charisma, professionalism, and knowledge combine to create a keynote presentation that carries over to become the engaging soundtrack for the entire event. It’s his passion that everyone remembers and reverberates to unify the entire conference, and raises it up to a level high above projected expectations.

How To Generate More Business From Facebook

Richard's highly engaging KILIT presentation delivers what your audience needs: the tips, trick and strategies that work to generate more leads.

What you must do to ensure that your Facebook ads attract and engage your ideal client – it’s probably the exact opposite of what you are currently doing. 

  • 4-Step Formula that will build an audience for literally pennies.   
  • The most profitable Facebook secrets you can use today. 
  • And the common mistakes people make that drives potential customers.

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