Secrets of Using Reviews To Skyrocket Business Growth

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  • 15 Sep, 2017

The Secret Weapon of Scaling a Business Quickly

Lets face it, starting and growing a business can be challenging. The most important key to growing a business is continual and never ending lead generation. You need to know the best sources of acquiring a new customer.   I work with clients helping them figure out the digital landscape to determine where and how to drive traffic to their business.   

Driving traffic is relatively easy. You don't create traffic, it's already there. You just need to know how to get in front of traffic.   It used to be that simple to scale a business, the key was simply to get more traffic to your business.   As long as you had a good conversion strategy you were golden.    

He Who Wins
But now, suddenly everything has changed. You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don't have more reviews and better reviews than your competition you'll find yourself spending more time and money trying to acquire a customer. And why is that important? Because he who can afford to acquire a customer at the lowest price wins. That person can afford to pour more money into marketing and know that their rate of return on their marketing dollars will always be profitable. For example if you invest one dollar in marketing and you receive Five dollars, does that make financial sense? It's a no brainer. The only question is, how much and how often do you want to repeat that?    That's the key to literally scaling a business to great heights. 

Your Reputation is Everywhere
But because today's consumer is trained to look at reviews, they choose the company with the best of most 5 star reviews. Your reputation is now everywhere. Winding back the clock in time when we lived in small communities.  

Times have changed
Winding back the clock in time when we lived in small communities, everyone in town knew your reputation. Those were great and simple times. You knew who was trusted and who want not to be trusted. Then we rolled into an era of mass marketing. Growing a business then was shear advertising and marketing, before review engines existed. You could run a crooked business and if you advertised enough nobody knew any better.     

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