New Year Men

6th Annual New Years SunUp Event

Each year a group of men start their year off at sunrise in prayer seeking God.   There's something really special about mornings.  The valley is quiet.  The views are incredible.  It's a perfect opportunity to seek God in the new year. 

Your Hosts Rich & Rich

It's that time of year again guys.  Come join your hosts Richard Cruz and Rich LaBarge for the 6th annual SunUp event at the top of Eitwanda, located in the atrium (The Etiwanda Preserve).  

Featuring Jeff Gokee

Do you have trouble being awake at 0530?  Well you won't when you hear Jeff speak!  We are extremely excited that that Jeff Gokee is giving up some precious sleep and will be our special guest speaker.   Jeff's energy, passion and enthusiasm are contagious.   So if that cup of coffee isn't enough to keep you awake, you will be wide awake after hearing Jeff!   


4890 Etiwanda Ave, Rancho Cucamonga


What do I bring?

Bring a flashlight, a folding chair and your Bible (electronic is okay)

How do I get to the atrium?

There is an uphill trail, about a 5 minute walk from the parking area

Is it cold?

Um, yeah.   It's cold.  See all those jackets and beanies?  Don't forget to wear one!

Where's the food?

So bring your coffee.  Afterwards we'll head to Denny's at Baseline & East at about 7am. 
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