Web Design

Web Design

When the commercial Internet was launched in 1995, WSI began building websites and we’ve been perfecting our skills ever since. Over two decades and thousands of websites later, we know how to build high converting websites very cost-effectively.

These days, not having a high-performance website puts your business at a distinct disadvantage on many levels, namely:

Search Engines (e.g. Google). With a poor performing website, your business will not exist on search engines. You become invisible to your potential customers and they will not find you when ready to buy.

Websites form the heart of a digital marketing strategy – this is where you influence and convert visitors into paying customers.

Getting to Know Your Strengths
The first step in a Web development project should be deciding who the target market is, what the primary marketing messages should be, and how to display all relevant company information across all the pages in a uniform fashion that is easy to navigate.

Custom Website Design to Enhance Your Online Credibility
We pride ourselves on creating custom designed sites targeted to your target market.
Our web design and development team ensures that our websites are built to current standards, are quick-loading and, because we believe in the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in any online marketing solution, are built to be search engine friendly.

Reputation and trust
If your potential customer cannot find you on the internet in this technologically advanced world, they may conclude that your business is outdated or even worse, untrustworthy.

It is vital that your business has a website. WSI’s website solutions ensure that your business is highly visible to your potential customers and converts exceptionally well. We’ll help you dominate your local market and grow revenue.

Your Website should be the foundation of your marketing message AND something that you are proud to share and promote. It should be a balance of striking and memorable Web design, seamless functionality, and should be built to be search engine friendly (which is our specialty!).

Social Media
Social media should now be an integral part of any online marketing solution and we encourage our clients to have an active online presence. We ensure that our clients’ social media profiles are front and center on their Websites and that there is a sharing feature for visitors to share with their internal teams or networks.

Measuring Your Site’s Performance
You want to know how your Website is performing, right? We install Google Analytics, which is the industry standard, and whether monthly or quarterly, you will be able to view essential performance elements of your site, such as:
  • Number of site visitors
  • Source of visitors (how did they get there)
  • Keywords used to find your site
  • Length of time spent on site
  • What pages are most visited

Here are a few of the website support services we provide:
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • marketing Analytics
  • eCommerce

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